Portland Platinum Managed Account Program and Portland Gold Managed Account Program



The Portland Investment Counsel Difference

We have garnered a reputation for being a long-term shareholder and for taking significant positions in investee companies. We believe that wealth should be invested in a manner that is most aligned with the principles followed by successful wealth creators.

Whenever you invest in any Portland Investment Counsel service or solution, you are assured that our goals will be to:

  • Preserve your capital over the long term.
  • Grow your capital at a reasonable rate, as we wish to invest in businesses that are in strong, long-term growth industries.
  • Minimize taxes on your capital as we hold businesses for the long-term, giving you tax-deferred compounding.
  • Be investment partners with the same expectations, time horizons and methods of measurement.
  • Offer complete transparency to your investments.


How Wealth is Created:

1. Own a few high-quality businesses,

2. that you thoroughly understand,

3. that are domiciled in strong, long-term growth industries,

4. that use other people’s money, prudently, and

5. that are bought at attractive valuations and held as long as the company remains high quality and at a reasonable valuation.



To be successful in any endeavor, we believe there is a simple 3 step formula one needs to follow:

1. Identify a role model for success

2. Beg the role model for their recipe for success and follow it

3. Don't change that formula

If we look at wealthy individuals or any successful institutions, we will see that they have all created their wealth by investing in both the public and the private markets. Yet, retail investors only have access to public investments. At Portland Investment Counsel, we see the disfunctionality about how retail investors are advised and we make it our mission to change that disfunctionality by giving investors access to public and private investments. Essentially, we want to create portfolios like successful individuals and institutions, our role models of wealth creation.


Why Choose the Portland Managed Account Program

"Invest the Billionaire way"


To invest successfully over the long run, we believe one needs to ensure that the following 3 components are followed:

1. A framework

2. Controlling emotions during times of adversity

3. Access

Having a framework and controlling your emotions during times of adversity is necessary but we believe wealth cannot be created if you do not have access to both public and private products. The Portland Platinum Managed Account Program and Portland Gold Managed Account Program seek to democratize wealth for retail investors and enable access to how successful institutions and wealth creators invest.


The Team


Chris Wain-Lowe, BA, MBA
Chief Investment Officer, Executive Vice President & Portfolio Manager

Chris Wain-Lowe has 35 years of business management and global financial services experience – living and working in four continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, North America as well as the Caribbean, which also embraced corporate experience in the energy, natural resources and utility industries. Chris’ business experiences provide first-hand knowledge and understanding of those businesses in which he now invests. As Head of the Utilities team, Barclays’ Large Corporate Banking (1989-1992), Chris’ team tendered and won most of the syndicated finance, large value leasing and project finance mandates during the UK’s water and electricity privatizations – with Barclays Syndications consequently being awarded by Euromoney magazine as ‘Best European Syndicate Bank’ in 1991 and again in 1992.

As Chief Executive Officer he led Barclays business in Greece, transitioning it to becoming more corporate focused and successfully selling its island retail network to Bank of Nova Scotia (1995). As Chief Executive Officer he led Barclays’ South African operations in Botswana to best in the region. The Banker magazine ranked Barclays as the ‘Best Bank’ in Botswana and the ‘Best Bank’ in Africa in 2000. During Chris’ three years with the bank, its market capitalization rose to US$300 million from US$80 million – a compound annual growth rate of more than 55%.

As Chief Executive Officer of National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB) he led the bank to recognition as the world’s 14th highest profits growth performer in 2002. In Chris’ two years with the bank, its market capitalization rose to US$400 million from US$100 million – a compound annual growth rate of 100%.

Upon acquisition of NCB indirectly by Portland Holdings Inc., he joined Portland Investment Counsel and its affiliates in 2002. As Executive Vice President he promoted the launch and listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange of ten closed-end funds during 2004 to 2007. He is currently the Chief Investment Officer and lead portfolio manager of three mutual funds and three private / alternative funds, namely Portland Private Income Fund, Portland Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fund LP and Portland Global Aristocrats Plus Fund. Chris has a BA degree from University of North Wales and an MBA from University of Exeter. He is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and holds their Financial Services Diploma, placed first in his year (1989).



For more information, please contact:

Chris Wain-Lowe, Toll Free: 1-888-710-4242, info@portlandic.com



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