Portland Separately Managed Account Program

What is a Separately Managed Account?

Traditionally, a separately managed account is a client’s portfolio of assets under the active management of a professional investment firm. An investment advisor can refer a client to a portfolio manager to manage the assets of a client within a separately managed account. A separately managed account differs from mutual funds in that a client’s assets are not pooled with other investor’s assets and any securities purchased within a separately managed account are solely those of the client. Portfolio managers typically invest 100% of the separately managed account portfolio in public securities. The Portland Separately Managed Account Program is different. We provide clients access to programs with public securities held in a professionally managed separately managed account and programs that provides access to Portland Investment Counsel private / alternative products.

The Public Separately Managed Account offers a traditional approach to a separately managed account where clients have access to professionally managed portfolios that solely contain public securities. Investors can access the Public Separately Managed Account through their financial advisors.

However, our platform is seeking to democratize wealth creation to the general investing public by offering access to private / alternative products to all investors. The Private Separately Managed Account offers clients the ability to build a portfolio of private investments where private offerings typically have lower correlation than other traditional investments to the stock market. The wealthy invest differently. At Portland Investment Counsel Inc., we have recognized this and have made it our mission to provide clients with access to quality private and alternative opportunities typically reserved for the affluent and institutional investors. Investors can access the Private Separately Managed Account only through their Mandeville financial advisor through Mandeville Private Client Inc. or Mandeville Wealth Services Inc.

Why choose a Portland Separately Managed Account Program?
  • Ability to customize the portfolio through the usage of tailored model portfolios
  • Client’s interests come first. Each program is tailored to meet each client’s needs and objectives
  • Access to professional portfolio managers
  • Flexibility allows the client to house their entire or a portion of their portfolio in a separately managed account
  • The world’s most successful institutions and affluent investors have achieved above average rates of return by utilizing an asset mix combining traditional public and private and alternative investments

For more information, please contact:

Anton Burtsev, Toll Free: 1-888-710-4242, ext. 4335, Email: aburtsev@portlandic.com
Mehran Shahriar, Toll Free: 1-888-710-4242, ext. 4334, Email: mshahriar@portlandic.com



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