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A bit anxious about how you’re going to finance your first house? Or are you wondering about how to pay off your student debt? Most young professionals are at times anxious or curious about their financial stability, career etc. This isn’t new, but we are here to help you out.

A newly graduated Engineering student embarked on a journey full of challenges and lessons. He had unanswered questions, optimism and energy that fueled him everyday. He studied affluent individuals and tried to figure out a framework that, if practiced consistently, could lead to wealth creation. Then finally, he figured it out, the Five Laws of Wealth Creation. Most affluent individuals and institutions:

The Five Laws of Wealth Creation

1. Own a few high quality businesses.

2. Thoroughly understand these businesses.

3. Ensure these businesses are domiciled in strong, long-term growth industries.

4. Use other people’s money prudently.

5. Hold these businesses for the long run.

This is the story of Michael Lee-Chin, Jamaican-Canadian business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. As the Executive Chairman, CEO and Portfolio Manager of Portland Investment Counsel Inc., Michael remains committed to his core principles and personally ensures that Portland’s framework is the same as that which made him a successful investor.

How to invest in the Young Professional Investment Program?

If you currently have a savings account containing approximately $7,000, you may supplement your savings by investing as little as $700 at Portland in a low cost discretionary managed account. This means that when you open an investment account with us, our Portfolio Manager will select an investment portfolio that is most suitable to your needs. The number of funds in your portfolio may depend on the size of your investment. For a small investment amount, your portfolio may contain a single fund. As you increase your investment amount, your portfolio may be diversified into multiple funds. If affluent and institutional investors are committed to generating financial returns, why aren’t you? Get started with the Young Professional Investment Program by contacting us at 1-888-710-4242 or

The Portland Difference

Portland’s purpose is to democratize private and alternative investments by providing access to opportunities that are typically reserved for affluent and institutional investors. This represents a departure from the investment industry at large, which focuses predominantly on the public markets.

The Portland Difference

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Michael Lee-Chin
Portland offers a unique Young Professional Investment Program that is designed for up-and-coming professionals who aspire to get a head start at creating wealth like affluent and institutional investors. This program introduces a customized, low-cost investment portfolio that may contain public, private and alternative funds managed by Portland, supported by a personalized relationship with our Portfolio Manager.


Why did we create an investment platform for young professionals?

Quite simply, because we view Canada’s next generation of professionals with extreme optimism and want to help them gain access to unique investment opportunities! We are guided by our mantra of ‘Doing Well and Doing Good’ that resonates throughout our company and is reflected in our corporate social responsibility initiatives, Michael’s philanthropic initiatives and our funds that invest in environmental sustainability initiatives.

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Experienced Portfolio Management Team

Over 120 years combined business and portfolio management experience. Our team has held CEO and Senior Executive positions in Canada and around the globe in various industries including: Banking, Wealth Management, Retail, Infrastructure etc. Our Portfolio Managers combine their extensive experience and judgement with in-depth research to make investments that are consistent with Portland Investment Counsel’s Investment Philosophy and the client’s objectives.

Chris Wain-Lowe photo
Chief Investment Officer, Executive Vice-President and Portfolio Manager

Chris Wain-Lowe has 40 years of business management and global financial services experience – living and working in four continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, North America as well as the Caribbean, which also embraced corporate experience in the energy, natural resources, shipping and utility industries. As Chief Executive Officer of 4 financial services companies, Chris’ first-hand knowledge and understanding of those businesses embraces being both businessman and investor.

Full Bio

Dragos Berbecel photo
Portfolio Manager

Dragos Berbecel has 20 years of experience, both as an investment professional and a business operator. He has devoted the last 10 years to being a student and practitioner of focused value investing. Dragos leverages more than a decade of experience as a marketing and sales executive working in diverse industries in Europe and North America.

Full Bio

Dragos Stefanescu photo
Portfolio Manager

Dragos has an MBA from University of British Columbia and is a CFA charter member. His investment methodology is in alignment with the Manager’s framework. Dragos brings a plethora of wealth management experience including 16 years with the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan where he held various positions, the last of which was Director, Global Equities.

Full Bio

Kyle Ostrander photo
Portfolio Manager

Kyle received his Master of Finance degree from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and was awarded Dean’s List, First Class for being in the top 10 percent of students in the program. Kyle earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2018.

Full Bio

James Cole photo
Trading Supervisor & Associate Portfolio Manager

Joining the team in 2006, Dan is the Supervisor of Trading. He is also registered as an Associate Portfolio Manager and an Exempt Market Dealer-Dealing Representative. In addition to working with his clients, his responsibilities include overseeing the trade desk activities and operations in domestic and international equities, fixed income, foreign exchange and options. Dan works closely with the Portfolio Management team and focuses on the management and servicing of institutional and private wealth accounts. Prior to joining the firm, Dan had six years of experience at TD Securities and its affiliates.

Robert Almeida photo
Institutional Trader

With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, Steve began his career in investor trade settlement operations where he learned the administration side of the business. He later moved into a High Net Worth Trader/Portfolio Associate position where he gained client service experience and honed his skills at providing a top-notch client experience. Finally, Steve moved into the Institutional Trader post where he’s been active since 2006.

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